Straight Talk About Natural Hair

As women, we love to change our look as often as we change outfits. Our hair can play a big role in our mood as well as our appearance. However, choosing to "go natural" can be a difficult journey for some women. 

From the lack of styling options to the frizz we experience on a humid day, it can be hard to find the looks that we desire while we transition to, or maintain our natural hair texture.

Sew in weaves, with the use of a closure, can be a great styling option, especially for women who enjoy the versatility and easy maintenance that it offers. When done by a professional stylist, you can maintain the health and growth of your natural locks while rocking the style that fits your current mood.

As a natural woman, I am always interested in the styles and products that support my natural hair journey and would love to hear your opinion dolls. What are some of your favorite protective styles? How long does it normally last?

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