Wig guide and FAQs



Select your wig size (S/M/L) when ordering. Contact us at +1 (228) 438-5957 if you don't see your size meaning anything over a Large or under a Small. Note that choosing the wrong size can lead to a poor fit and compromise the overall look. Hair Fetish is not responsible for incorrect measurements.

Lace Tint Chart

If you are unsure of your tone for your lace tint below is a reference chart for guidance.

Hair Fetish's 100% Unprocessed Virgin Hair wigs are of the highest quality and is an amazing investment! With a natural luster of its own, maintaining your locks are very simple. Just like your real hair, Virgin hair can also be permed, colored, highlighted, straightened, curled, washed, blow-dried. Keep in mind that, just like your real hair, over-processing can cause your Virgin hair to appear dull and lifeless. It is very important to use the best products to replace the most important moisture in your Virgin hair wig to restore the natural luster of the hair and keep it from becoming unmanageable.

Wig recommendations 

If you are new to wigs we recommend our 4*4 (standard closure size) or our beginner wigs which are the 2*6 closures. The 2*6 closures are only meant for a middle part but are a great way to start your wig journey. We don't recommend getting a frontal wig for your first unit. The maintenance for frontal units can be overwhelming for a wig newbie.

What does customization include?

Wig customization Includes customized hairline, wig combs,  band, lace tinted, lace cut, style and cut of your choice. Customization does not include color, when you get your unit all you will  have to do is simply put it on.

Bleaching the knots on units comprise the longevity of the unit. The bleach will turn the knots brown but the chemicals in the bleach will also soften the knots which can  cause shedding in the frontal/closure. We no longer offer this services with customized unit . We recommend our knot and lace eraser kit. However, if you order a customized unit and request the knots bleach we will do it free of charge.

Customization does not come with your wig purchase unless it is

* We will not touch any units that have be customized or altered in anyway after you receive your unit.

If your unit is not customized pls, let a stylist that specializes in lace install it.

* Customized units will need to be refreshed from packing and being shipped. Pls, download our free app (Hair Fetish Dolls ) to watch the videos showing how to do so.

 Wig density: All units made with 12-16 includes 2 bundles plus closure/frontal. For headband wigs it will be two bundles. All units 18-26 are made with 3 bundles plus closure/frontal. For headband wig it will be 3 bundles. All pre-made 360 units are 120% density.

A Few Tips

* Please let a professional stylist that specializes in lace wigs install your wig!

* Make sure your hair is clean and flat. Either pin down or braid into cornrows.

* Always wear a wig cap! This helps the wig stay on your head and protects your hair from the wig’s inner lining and friction.

* Always secure your wig to your hair using combs that are inside of the wig cap to ensure a snug fit that won’t slip.

* Readymade wigs are adjustable, so getting sized at when installed is recommended for a perfect fit.

A Few things to know about our colored units.

1.)  We take all wig pictures with studio lighting.

2.) It's impossible for us to grab the same exact piece of hair when dealing with color or highlights.

In the light of your bathroom, those tones or highlights are suddenly far brassier than you thought. Why is this?

It's all about the LIGHTING. You are never going to look the same in every single light. Even different times of the day, seem to make a difference in the color. Under fluorescent lighting especially, it looks yellow and brassy. ... In natural lighting, you can see true tones, cold white lights, your hair will look more ash-blonde. In warmer, yellow-based lights your hair will reflect a warmer, honey to brass color.

See how the same wig looks in different lighting? Who knew the lighting would make such a difference.

Below is a pic and example of the same wig in different lighting.


Caring For Your Wig

It is recommended to wash your wig after about every 5-8 days depending on how much product is on it. Wash more often if sweaty or active.


Before washing, gently brush through removing all collected residue. Shampoo in lukewarm water, using a small amount of mild shampoo, do not rub or twist the hair, rinse thoroughly. Gently comb out with a wide tooth comb from the bottom of the hair first and work your way up to the root.

You may then apply a conditioner for about 5-10 minutes, Once finished gently towel dry and blow dry on low or just let it air dry by itself.

* To minimize shedding, always use  Knot Sealer on your unit after shampooing and conditioning . Although shedding on a lace wig is to be expected due to the fact that the hair is hand tied by a single knot (sometimes a double knot) to the lace material. While, this does not completely eliminate the problem of shedding, it does significantly minimize excessive knot slippage. Excessive shedding can cause thinning of the hair and bald patches on your unit. To minimize these effects it is very important that proper care be taken at home during combing, styling and everyday use. Below are things to avoid.

Causes for Shedding Balding/Thinning

1. Not using the proper products on the hair to keep it moisturized.

2. Roughness while combing and washing/handle our lace wig

3. Using very oily or greasy haircare products on your unit

4. Over bleaching the knots on the wig.

5. Scratching the lace.

6. Combing your wig from root to tip instead of from tip to root.

Caring for your lace wig and minimizing tangling

Caring for your lace wig requires proper routine maintenance. The products you use on your lace wig are one of the main factors that will determine how healthy the hair on your lace wig looks and how long it will last. Most main stream products found at the super market or drug store are not ideal for lace wig care. The reason is because these products have a very high alcohol and chemical content which can be detrimental to the hair on your unit. Alcohol severely dries the hair while a high chemical content creates a high alkaline pH which causes tangling.

pH Levels in Hair Care products

The pH levels of hair products is one of the least known but most important characteristic of the hair care products you choose to use on your unit. You should always use a product that is pH balanced for optimal feel and styling. The optimal pH range for hair products is from 4 to 6 (which an acidic balance). An acidic shampoo or conditioner causes hair cuticles to lie down, resulting in smooth manageable hair. Alkaline Shampoos & conditioners (high pH above 7) cause the cuticles to raise causing tangled and unmanageable hair.

3 Tips for Storing Your Lace Front Wigs Safely

1. Head Blocks are a Blessing

When choosing a mannequin to store your wig on, make sure to look for ones with head shapes that are similar to your own. This prevents the wig from morphing shapes into something that becomes uncomfortable or hard to keep on when you are wearing it. Head blocks make it very easy to style your wig as well! Placing the wig on a head block for styling makes it simple to keep the wig from getting tangled or for uneven cuts. Store your wigs in a clean manner, which provides less room for mistakes that could potentially ruin your favorite wig.

2. Utilize the Hairnets!

If you are looking to maintain a particular style when you are maintaining your wigs, make sure to invest in a hairnet. By placing a hairnet over your wig while you are not wearing it, you can be sure that the style you have created will remaining place.

3. Not Too Cold, Not Too Hot

Human hair must be continuously shampooed and conditioned, so if you are allowing the wig to air dry, make sure there is not too much humidity. The humidity ruins the wig by weakening the hair strands, and making knots more common to loosen . A well-kept wig will be brushed daily and removed of the tangles, which if left untreated, could lead to more severe tangles that could destroy the hair entirely.

Products that you must have in order to keep maintain your wig:

1.) Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate-free.

2.) Spray leave-in conditioner

3.) Lite oil serum

4.) Heat protection

5.) Knot Sealer


PLEASE NOTE: If you are a first-time lace wig wearer, lace wigs are beautiful and durable, but delicate, because they after all, are only strands of hair, knotted to a lightweight fabric of lace. They cannot be handled like regular wigs. Avoid  brushing  with a regular brush or vigorous scratching of the head with a lace on  be gentle removing glue , hair spray, got2b gel or tape from the lace and use a knot sealer each and every time you shampoo and condition . Hair Fetish wigs are double-knotted for strength, but  care is necessary to minimize shedding and prolong the life of your wig.

How long will it take to get my order?

Orders have a processing time of 3-14 business days. Business days are Monday - Friday. Major US holidays and weekends are excluded from processing time. Pls, keep in mind custom orders take time. A photo confirmation will be sent for custom orders and must be approved by the purchaser in order for the unit to be shipped.Tracking information will be sent via email once the order has shipped. Once the package is in the hands of the carrier we are no longer responsible for your package and any inquiries will need to be forwarded to the carrier. 


*Please be sure to order the correct size cap prior to purchasing. Due to the nature of custom orders, we are unable to offer any returns or exchanges. NO EXCEPTIONS!